Our Academic Programs

If you’d like to take things a notch higher on your growth pathway, our Academic certificate programs are just right for you

Our Academic programs are structured to equip the total mom

YOU are called to ARISE, to be the solution to a decadent world.

Whatever the vision that God has put in your heart, we are here to equip you to build, grow and scale that vision with our programs.

Our mission is to raise mothers who will REPAIR, REBUILD and RESTORE the foundations of society.

This is why all our programs cater to providing moms with those tools needed to dominate in their chosen areas of influence.

What We Cover in Our Academic Programs

Purpose Incubator Program

This is a 12-month Academic Certificate program that focuses on laying the right foundation for you to understand God’s purpose and His Kingdom agenda

We focus on helping you to learn how to understand your identity, discern your purpose, execute and carry out God’s purpose and leave a legacy of purpose for your children. 

This program will groom and equip you to embrace the right mindset in living out your life’s purpose.

What You Get When You Sign Up

When you sign up for any of our Academic programs, you get access to:

  • Courses
  • Content
  • Community
  • Expert Mentors
  • Coaching
  • Accountability

How We Run Our Programs

Self-Paced / on-demand

With this plan, a student is free to sign up for and get immediate and on-demand access to our Academic Programs.

With this style, the student is able to take the courses on a self-paced basis with time-limited access to ensure student engagement with all course resources.

The self-paced program can be accessed at any time, and does not require an application process.

Students on this plan will not receive access to coaching or mentoring by our expert mentors and coaches.

This style is ideal for students who have a strong sense of self-governance and accountability to ensure that they get the best out of the program.

Intensive Classroom Style Delivery

With this plan, a student applies to our intensive, classroom-style program, and the application goes through our admissions team for selection.

With this style, a student can only enroll during our enrollment seasons that are offered only twice in a year – May & September Terms.

The intensive plan cannot be accessed except during these enrollment periods.

Students on this plan will receive coaching, students services, accountability and mentoring support by our coaches and expert mentors during their program here at Mom Youniversity.

This program is ideal for a student who wants to get the hands-on, classroom style engagement with other students and access to all of our other Mom Youniversity Resources as a student

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