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Life Design Bootcamp



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Just because a significant life is what you have been created for...

The ACCELERATE LIFE DESIGN BOOTCAMP is the opportunity you have been waiting for, that will move you from Confusion & Overwhelm to Clarity, Purpose & Legacy

You will understand:

  • How to kick overwhelm to the curb 
  • How to envision, create, design and live out a life of true significance
  • How to know what to prioritize everyday, without feeling burnt out
  • How to focus on the true significant life pillars that make a difference to you
  • How to design success for yourself on your own terms without compromising faith or family
  • How to develop your life’s significant blueprint and manifest it every day
  • How to set the right goals with an execution and consistency plan that will make you win in life and at home

This Accelerate Life Design Bootcamp
is for you if:

You have all of these amazing ideas in your heart, and you just feel stuck, not knowing where to start

You want to live life on purpose, but you feel as though there is no time to even think these thoughts

Others look at you and believe you have it all together and you are successful, but deep down you know your heart is crying out for fulfilment and you are yearning for more.

You feel buried under the expectations of others and societal pressure to act a certain way, that you have lost your path

You are caught up in the daily grind, but you know there is a place of peace, prosperity and fulfillment you long for

If This Sounds Like You, The Accelerate Life Design Bootcamp was specially created for you…

You know this Accelerate Bootcamp is for you if…

You are not alone...

Nike & Oluseye here…and we are so pleased that you made your way here.

We have walked in your shoes at some point too.

We know you are here because you desire more out of your life.

And we know exactly what it is you desire because we have been in your exact position before.

You see, we were those woman who knew that we needed to love and care for our children and raise them into a mighty army for the Lord.

On this other side, we knew without a doubt that we also had this great unrest in our hearts because we knew that God made us for so much more than the life we were living at that time.

And guess what?

God said to us:

“I want you to do both – raise exceptional children and live out your purpose fully – and execute those roles flawlessly. I will teach you how to do it, so you can help others do the same thing.”

We were delighted and full of joy because before then, we felt guilty for wanting more from both sides – being a great mom and living the life that God called us to live.

So, here we are, many years after, working with thousands of women like you, doing exactly what God told us was possible.

Through coaching and mentoring for Christian mothers like you, we can support your dreams to living a fulfilling life.

Will you let us show you how you can have the best of both worlds?

Is this what you want?

Clear Purpose Pathway
Free from Overwhelm
Clarity of Purpose
Effective Time Management
Life of Impact & Legacy
Expanded Vision & Growing Influence

Our Program Methodology

Completely Online

The Accelerate Bootcamp is completely online and this means that you can take it from wherever you are in the world. It gives you the opportunity to meet participants from across the globe.

Interactive & Intuitive Learning

In the Accelerate Bootcamp, we provide you with the right learning platform, community and live coaching opportunity for you to get started on the pathway to purpose.


In the Accelerate Bootcamp, we provide you with weekly Video resources throughout the bootcamp, where you get first-hand learning opportunity, and you also get to ask questions that our coaches will respond to.

Access to Bootcamp Course Platfrom

In the Accelerate Bootcamp, we provide you with access to our course platform where you can get immediate access to your bootcamp resources and other bonus resources we provide for you during the bootcamp.

What You Will Learn in
The Accelerate Life Design Bootcamp

Module 1 - Healing From Soul Wounds

In this lesson, we do a deep dive into soul wounds that all of us carry from past situations and experiences.

Sometimes, we don’t even know we have them!
This module will unravel to you how you can heal from soul wounds.

Module 2 - Reset From Pain To Purpose

In this lesson, we go on a deep dive into identifying and moving forward from a place of pain, hours and disappointments that have kept you stuck. The lessons shared in this module are valuable for you to understand how to overcome disappointments and pain, and rise through with boldness and courage to fulfill your purpose.

Module 3 - Dealing With Loss

If you have suffered any form of loss in the past – from losing a friendship, death of a loved one, relocating, loss of a job – this lesson is definitely for you. This module takes us on an emotional journey, where you can learn some useful strategies that can help you live about your current situation and move you forward into the life you have been made for.

Module 4 - From Overwhelm To Purpose

Do you feel tired and overwhelmed with the many roles you are currently juggling? Do you need support and practical tools to help you ditch overwhelm and embrace a peaceful and calm routine? This lesson is what you need to set you up for a life designed without chaos and overwhelm, so that you can embrace that life of purpose you were made for.

Module 5 - From Confusion To Clarity

Have you always had this struggle of trying to understand God’s purpose for your life? Do you feel as though you are coasting through life without a clear understanding of why you were created? Then this lesson is definitely for you. With a simple, yet practical approach, the module lesson takes you on this amazing journey of asking questions that will get you deeper into a life of purpose.

Module 6 - Accelerate Life Design Intro

If you wish to design a life where you are sure of who you are, what each day would look like for you, and where you embrace the significant life you have been made for, this lesson is for you. In this lesson, you get an overview of what designing and living out a significant life looks like. This is valuable and will set you moving forward quickly to live out that life of significance and legacy

Module 7 - Significant Life Pillars

In this lesson, we explore the concept of Significant Life Pillars: The What of A Significant Life. Have you ever asked yourself, “what do I really want?”
This is where you get to answer that question, so that you can be clear about your vision for the future.

Module 8 - Mindset To Thrive

In this lesson, we explore the concept of ‘The Mindset To Thrive: the Mindset for A Significant Life‘.
How are you thinking? What thoughts and limitations have held you back? Let’s work through those mindsets and position you for the life of significance you were made for.

Module 9 - Design Your Significant Life

In this module, we will explore the concept of DESIGNING YOUR SIGNIFICANT LIFE – Road Map To A Significant Life.
What OLD STORY are you letting go of now? What NEW STORY will you embrace now?
How will you design the life you have envisioned?

Module 10 - Goals & Alignment

What does it feel like to set goals that align with your true self?

In this lesson, we explore the concept of Goals & Alignment: The How of A Significant Life.

You get to set the kinds of goals that align with your vision for the future and the significant life.

Module 11 - Execution Blueprint

In this module, we round up the Accelerate Life Design Bootcamp with clarity about your significant life pathway.

In this lesson, we explore the Execution Blueprint: The System for A Significant Life How does it feel when you think of the possibilities of the things that could happen by this time next year? What about in 90 days? Dig deeper into creating the right systems for you to live out the life you envision for yourself

Module 12 - Productivity Hacks

Every mom needs to understand the language of productivity, not with the many hats we wear and change ever so often.

This module churns out very practical wisdom and tools to equip you for a daily routine of productivity, that is simple and easy to follow. You will learn some important nuggets that you can immediately start to implement, because the significant life you have designed needs routines and systems to sustain it. other Bonus Masterclasses

How To Turn Your Strengths into Super Powers

How To Design Your BOLD Life

The Power of Your Daily Routine

The Power of Your Bio

How To Elevate Your Personal Brand

Decision-Making: The Power of The Big 5

Our Program Pricing

The Purpose Bootcamp is valued at $497, but you get the chance to get your discounted Access Pass for $49 for a limited time only!

So, you really have nothing stopping you.

Are you ready to get started now?

Accelerate Bootcamp

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  • Accelerate Life Design 90-Day Hard Cover Planner
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The Accelerate Bootcamp is for you if:

  • You sense there is more to you than where you are now
  • You desire to live a life of significance but you don’t know where to start
  • Others look at you and feel you are successful and you have it altogether, but you know deep down within you that you feel empty and dissatisfied
  • You want to be with a group of purpose-driven visionary women who will challenge you to be more and do more

We understand that everyone’s schedule may not fit into the live session schedule, but we’ve got you covered. The Accelerate Bootcamp, though recorded live, gives you access to the full program resources and live session replays.


The Accelerate Bootcamp is offered over a period of 90 days or 12 weeks, with the release of one module per week, which makes it easy for you to walk through each module at your own pace. With our methodology, coaching and accountability, you will find yourself gaining rapid clarity over the 90-day period, if you put in the work.

That is entirely up to you, your speed of assimilation and lifestyle. As far as the Accelerate bootcamp program course delivery is concerned, it will take 60 minutes of your time for the video sessions for each module, and you may need to spend an additional 45-60 minutes working through your worksheets for each session.

Our programs are offered completely online and we have had women from across different countries in different time zones of the world take our courses in the past. 

All of our programs can be accessed by anyone in the world from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet and an interne-enabled device.

The question is can you afford not to invest in yourself, your dreams and your future? We know that you want growth but there is no growth without sacrifice. So, the question you should ask yourself is, how long can I continue to make excuses? What will I gain if I allow myself the opportunity to be a part of this program? How will this transform me, and consequently my children and family? How will this equip me to become the kind of person that I know I should be? So, what will you sacrifice? What will your growth cost you? What will this investment bring to you? Focus on the results you know you want and not what it will cost you. 

If your question has not been addressed here, please email us your questions. If it is a technical issue, please send a screenshot of the problem with your email so we can support you and walk you through the process. You can email us at or send a message using the chat option on your screen.

You are made for so much more!

Get started on your journey of to designing and accelerating your significant life right now!

The whole world is waiting on your manifestation.





This is the Best Time To Get Started

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