Membership Growth Bundles

Want to focus on a particular area of your life for maximum impact? 

Then our growth bundles are the best for you with resources, courses, coaching content to support your targeted growth.

Our Membership Programs for the Visionary Mom

It’s possible to be a mom and live your life without constant overwhelm.

It is possible to be a mom and excel and thrive in your career, dreams, vision, without compromising your values and faith.

Our exclusive membership growth bundles gives you an opportunity for:

Community | Resources | Support | Masterminds

Who is it for?

It is for you if you want to be in a community of go-getter women, growing together, but at your own pace of growth. 

Less intensive than our Academic programs, the membership growth bundle  is ideal for moms who may want to learn, thrive and grow with other moms without the commitment of the structured academic programs.

What We Offer

We know it is possible to live the abundant life as a mother. This is why we use the 5-Circle Growth System in our membership growth bundle pathway to ensure that all our moms are growing in all areas of their lives without dropping any! 

We ensure we give our moms the required courses, coaching, content, support and accountability to grow well in all areas of a mom’s life.

We support growth in the 5 areas:

  • your spirituality
  • your family – marriage/parenting
  • your enterprise – career/business/ministry
  • your relationships – friendships/partnerships/network/alliances
  • your wellness

This is why our mom community keeps growing everyday. 

If you are on the path of understanding your identity, purpose, and growing on this path, this membership option is for you.

We also offer...

If you have been on a personal transformation journey for a few years, and you want more, you want to up-level your growth journey into LEGACY transformation & leadership, then this Visionary growth membership pathway is for you.

With our Accelerator Blueprint tools and resources, we take you on a journey, with other visionary moms, whose desires are to grow in influence, income and impact.

We take you through or 5-Step Legacy Transformation journey:


  • growth matrix
  • vision matrix
  • influence matrix
  • impact matrix
  • legacy matrix


With a global community of mothers in our membership, you are about to up-level your impact, income and influence. 

If you understand your purpose, path, with a burning desire to execute and grow legacy impact, this option of our growth bundles is for you.

Let us share with you the tools, structure and strategies we use to live life as moms intentionally in a way that supports family and faith, so that you can live life exactly the way God ordained – on purpose!

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