VIP Accelerators Club


If you have been on a personal transformation journey for a few years, and you want more, you want to up-level your growth journey into LEGACY transformation & leadership, then this VIP Accelerators Club is for you.

With our Accelerator Blueprint tools and resources, we take you on a journey, with other visionary moms, whose desires are to grow in influence, income and impact.

We take you through or 5-Step Legacy Transformation journey:

  • growth matrix
  • vision matrix
  • influence matrix
  • impact matrix
  • legacy matrix

Join the VIP Moms Club and Get Exclusive Access to 100’s of Videos, Audios & Other Downloadable Resources

You also get to choose a plan that is flexible to you as you can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually

When you join us, you get:

EXCLUSIVE All Access Pass to all of our membership courses & Masterclasses


EXCLUSIVE Coaching Mastermind Access to Coach Oluseye & Other Coaches and Expert Mentors 

EXCLUSIVE Monthly Goal-Setting & Review Sessions 


EXCLUSIVE Buddy Access

With a global community of mothers in our membership, you are about to up-level your impact, income and influence.

  • Additional Courses added monthly
  • Access to 25+ Specialized Mentor Sessions
  • Access to 10+ Masterclass Sessions
  • Access to Conference Lives & Exclusives
  • Mom Resource Library
  • Mom Productivity Templates

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