VIP Moms Club


We know it is possible to live the abundant life as a mother.

This is why we use the 5-Circle Growth System in our VIP MOMS CLUB program to ensure that all our moms are growing in all areas of their lives without dropping any!

We ensure we give our moms the required courses, coaching, content, support and accountability to grow well in all areas of a mom’s life.

We support growth in the 5 areas:

  • your spirituality
  • your family – marriage/parenting
  • your enterprise – career/business/ministry
  • your relationships – friendships/partnerships/network/alliances
  • your wellness

Join the VIP Moms Club and Get Exclusive Access to 100’s of Videos, Audios & Other Downloadable Resources

You also get to choose a plan that is flexible to you as you can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually


When you join us, you get:

EXCLUSIVE All Access Pass to all of our membership courses & Masterclasses


EXCLUSIVE Coaching Mastermind Access to Coach Oluseye & Other Coaches and Expert Mentors 

EXCLUSIVE Monthly Goal-Setting & Review Sessions 


EXCLUSIVE Buddy Access

  • Additional Courses added monthly
  • Access to 25+ Specialized Mentor Sessions
  • Access to 10+ Masterclass Sessions
  • Access to Conference Lives & Exclusives
  • Mom Resource Library
  • Mom Productivity Templates

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