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Having a great circle of friends, alliances and partnerships is achievable! Get started on learning how to intentionally build a network that will support you to thrive.

That is why we lay the right foundation for you to understand how to build, expand and maximize the right kinds of connections you need on your journey of purpose.

This Relationship 90 Day Bootcamp has courses, content and resources that will equip you to:

  • Discover who you are and the right kind of relationships you need for a life of purpose
  • It will equip you with the right tool, strategy and structure to thrive in your personal and professional relationships
  • It will show you how to utilize your network for leverage on your purpose pathway

Does this sound like you?

In this season of your life, you may find that you are pretty much a loner.

You know you need friends but you don’t have any good, supporting ones, and you have grown comfortable with that.

Your attitude now is,

“I don’t really care, let me focus on my things and just do me”. 

Deep down, you really crave the presence of people in your life that you can turn to, speak with, share your dreams and aspirations with. 

You know for sure that you need friends, but you are not ready to make that move to find them, you just believe they will come someday. 

The truth is that you need people, and good friends are not impossible to find.

Good people, collaborations and networks are not an impossible feat, all it takes is the right perspective to support you on the journey to building the right relationships to help you. 

And you are the reason this boot camp is here!

We want to show you how to cultivate deep and meaningful relationships...

Nike & Oluseye here…and we are so pleased that you made your way here.

We have walked in your shoes at some point too.

We know you are here because you desire great relationships and deep connections.

And we know exactly what it is you desire because we have been in your exact position before.

You see, we were those introverted women who believed it was just fine to be in our own little corner of the world and make a difference where we are!

On this other side, we knew without a doubt that we also had this great unrest in our hearts because we knew that God made us for so much more than the life we were living at that time.

And guess what?

God started to teach us individually what He was capable of doing with us, if only we would learn how to expand our network, grow deep friendships and cultivate a great circle around us.

So, here we are, many years after, working with thousands of women like you, doing exactly what God told us was possible.

We not only grew on our own, God even brought us together to form a divine alliance, where indeed our 2 coming together is chasing tens of thousands as God showed us was possible!

Through coaching and mentoring for Christian mothers like you, we can support your dreams to becoming a woman who can grow deep friendships and relationships for achieving God’s purpose.

Will you let us show you how you can?

"Cultivating deep and meaningful friendships and relationships should Not Be Hard. God wants to show you His purpose for your life."
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Is this what you want?

Heal from hurts caused by past relationships
Free from Guilt and shame over lost friendships
Clarity about the right friends you need
How to categorize your relationships
Peaceful & Purposeful Sister Circle
How to develop intimate friendships & strong alliances
Friendships with Impact & Legacy
Expanded Vision & Growing Influence with the right Alliances

Our Program Methodology

Completely Online

The 90-day Relationship Bootcamp program is completely online and this means that you can take it from wherever you are in the world. It gives you the opportunity to meet participants from across the globe.

Tailored & Flexible Delivery

How you want to take the 90-day Relationship Bootcamp is up to you, as we offer flexible delivery options depending on what your commitment level is, and the kind of extraordinary results you desire from the program.

Interactive & Intuitive Learning

In the 90-day Relationship Bootcamp, we provide you with the right learning platform, community and coaching platforms to up-level your growth and give you significant results in all areas of your life


Get an academic certificate in this program. All students who complete the 90-day Relationship Bootcamp and meet the minimum requirement by completing all modules will get a certificate for completing the program.

Mentoring Opportunities

Get world-class mentors and coaches from across the globe, on the 90-day Relationship Bootcamp, who will provide you with opportunities to learn, expand your influence and grow your competence in all areas of your life.


With the 90-day Relationship Bootcamp, you get access to monthly live mentoring sessions with our certified and world class faculty. This is what makes the program even more impactful.


Students on this 90-day Relationship Bootcamp will receive coaching and mentoring support by our coaches and expert mentors during their program here at Mom Youniversity.


With our communication platform, our Learning Café, a participant in any of our programs here at Mom Youniversity, especially for the 90-day Relationship Bootcamp, will have the opportunity to connect with others on the journey and get access to our faculty as well.

What You Will Get Access to in
The 90-day Relationship Bootcamp

Module Learning Content

This Bundle runs for 12 weeks and you will get access to our learning content - videos, module prompts, journaling exercises and other learning resources, that will support you to grow in all areas of your life

Weekly Guided Prompts

Each week, for the 90-day period, you get prompts, exercises and to-dos that will support your learning journey. This program is tailored to ensure that you not only participate, but that you get the right results

Opportunity for Live Coaching Sessions

During the duration of the program, you will get an opportunity for our monthly live members coaching session and Q & A, where you get to submit your questions for our coaches to address and support you live

Our Program Pricing

90-Day Bootcamp Access

One-Time Payment
$ 99
/90-day full program fees
  • Covers 90 Day Program Access
  • One-Time Program Payment
  • Access to Full Program Content for 3 Terms
  • Access to 12 Modules
  • Access to Live Coaching Calls
  • Access to Exclusive Member Resources
  • Access to Actionable Tasks
  • Access to Online Learning Cafe
  • Access to Top World Class Faculty

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The 90-day Relationship Bootcamp is for you if:

  • You desire to build close and deep relationships
  • You desire to nurture, cultivate and buikd a great sisterhood circle
  • Others look at you and feel you are successful and you have it altogether, but you know deep down within you that you feel empty and dissatisfied without great relationships
  • You want to be with a group of purpose-driven visionary women who will challenge you to be more and do more

The 90-day Relationship Bootcamp is so much more than coaching.

In this Program, you’ll get access to tools and resource you need to get help you build great relationships

We also offer valuable mentorship with actionable sessions, monthly interactive mastermind sessions, a proven accountability system, and so much more.

The 90-day Relationship Bootcamp is offered for 3 months over a period of 12 weeks. 

That is entirely up to you, your speed of assimilation and lifestyle. As far as the 90-day Relationship Bootcamp delivery is concerned, it will between 1-2 hours a week, spread across the entire period, from you. How you tackle your weekly tasks (don’t let that word scare you, it is only some small work you will have to do) is entirely up to you. It is nothing to worry about. And of course, there is no exam involved in this! So, DO NOT PANIC! Plus, you can always get access to help whenever you need it. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

Our programs are offered completely online and we have had women from across different countries in different time zones of the world take our courses in the past. 

All of our programs can be accessed by anyone in the world from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet and an interne-enabled device.

All students who complete the program and meet the minimum requirement of completing module will get a certificate for each term completed in the program.

The question is can you afford not to invest in yourself, your dreams and your future? We know that you want growth but there is no growth without sacrifice. So, the question you should ask yourself is, how long can I continue to make excuses? What will I gain if I allow myself the opportunity to be a part of this program? How will this transform me, and consequently my children and family? How will this equip me to become the kind of person that I know I should be? So, what will you sacrifice? What will your growth cost you? What will this investment bring to you? Focus on the results you know you want and not what it will cost you. 

If your question has not been addressed here, please email us your questions. If it is a technical issue, please send a screenshot of the problem with your email so we can support you and walk you through the process. You can email us at or send a message using the chat option on your screen.

You are made for so much more!

Get started on your journey of growth right now.

The whole world is waiting on your manifestation.


This is the Best Time To Get Started

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